Tulip   2016-

I encased a fresh tulip flower. Now someone can have it beside them wherever and

whenever they like. People today are stressed because of the overwhelming volume

of work. In Japanese, the character "busy / 忙しい" is written with the combination of

'losing' and 'mind'.

Tulips symbolise 'consideration'. Keeps this beside you, and I hope you regain your peace of mind and feel a reduction of stress.


Takao Inoue 


Tulip objet d'Art "Red"

Tulip Objet d'Art 2017 "Purple" and "Pink"

Broken tulip 2017-

*This beautiful tulip was exceptionally rare in the 17th century and it was so expensive and ware treated like jewelry. In the 20th century, they are beeing incinerated as soon as it is discovered that virus is the characteristic of its pattern. So we never see them in the market and flower shops nowadays. 

*plus  In 17th century, tulip flower have brought up first bubble economics in Netherland in the World. 

Broken Tulip 2017-

A collection records of Broken tulip