The Tulip 2023-

"The Tulip"

This series of work is that tulip with a special pattern.

Tulips with their beautiful mottled patterns are used as a design motif for many high-end brands, including Herme_ and Tiffan_. However, it is currently not possible to purchase tulips with this pattern on the general market.


Let me explain a little about this flower.

The first bubble economy in human history that occurred in the 17th century was caused by investment in tulip bulbs. (Tulip mania)

Of these, the ones with red and white speckles that were rarely found in the fields were the most sought after and sold at the highest prices.

Since then, the tulips have been loved by various wealthy people and aristocrats, and as you know, many beautiful paintings of them remain.


However, in the 20th century, with the invention of the electron microscope, tulips were examined in detail and it was discovered that these beautiful, special striped patterns were caused by a type of tulip-specific mosaic virus.

After that, trading was prohibited and it disappeared from the market.

AS of 2023, it is strictly controlled and disposed of it is found in producing countries such as the Netherlands and Japan.




Growers do their best to keep tulip healthy, but these flowers are still only occasionally found. These tulip, which cannot be seen in the market today, have existed quietly and unnoticed since the 17th century. Since 2017, I have visited the oldest tulip producing area in Japan every year and collected tulips myself with the cooperation on the growers. This beauty is shared even in the production areas, and when they are found, they sometimes gather together to have drink before disposing of them.

That's all.


Thank you for reading this long message.

Takao Inoue







この花について少し説明させてください。 17世紀に起こった人類史上初のバブル経済は、チューリップの球根への投資によって引き起こされました。 (チューリップマニア)


しかし、20世紀に入り、電子顕微鏡が発明されてチューリップが詳しく調べられた結果、この美しく特殊な縞模様はチューリップ特有のモザイクウイルスの一種によるものであることが判明しました。その後取引が禁止され市場から姿を消しました。 2023年現在、オランダや日本などの生産国で発見され、厳しく管理され廃棄されています。








*from the back side

*from the left side

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