My work seeks to grasp ephemeral moments, like those taken in photography. I turn them into permanent and material forms. I want to encourage profound and direct experience of looking, and stimulate viewers’ visual awareness. My art aspires to unleash people from their forces of habit, and the restrictions hidden in their daily lives. 



As soon as the brain encounters something organised or designed, it starts a process of analysis. This causes tension and fatigue. The things I make are elaborate and complex, but at the same time it looks simple. The quantities of visual information I use are beyond what can normally be assessed, but paradoxically, this relaxes the viewer. It is like looking at, say, the grain of well-thumbed wood, or a city at night, or movement on the surface of water: viewers’ brains give up attempts at analysis via established knowledge and notions. As if tricked, the viewer can gradually accept a pure relationship between the thing in front of them, and what lies within themselves. They are freed from all restraint.


Modern society is for ever expanding. This is true even in situations where individual consumption shrinks. Society seeks profit, promoting more and more systematisation and control. Established notions also function to constrain people and make them rigid. My work, I hope, finds a chaotic niche within this, and so provides clues to a break from our problems, or even their resolution.


Takao Inoue 





脳は整理されデザインされたものを見ると自ずと分析を始めます。これにはある種の緊張感や疲労感を伴います。私の作品は緻密で複雑な工程で製作されていますが見た目はシンプルです。しかし分析できる視覚的情報量を超越させている為 使い込まれた木目や都会の夜景、水面の揺らぎなどを見てリラックスしたような状態になります。鑑賞者の脳はトリックに翻弄されるように分析を諦め知識や既成概念がうまく機能しないので、時間とともに純粋に目の前のものと自分自身だけの関係になり様々な束縛から放たれてゆきます。





Tampopo / Dandelion

Tampopo / Dandelion objet d'Art, 2009-

* to make a wish, the moment makes us release by something.... To live this chaos world, we need something like Art, Cinema, Nature... Seeing this little one for a short time, I hope you could take a rest only a few of the time.

an object to see the sky in hand sometimes

  *for the people, too much compressed by something and feel too much about sense of responsibility. instead of smartphone.

Tampopo "To" 2018

Tampopo floating

Every kinda people

Acrylic work can not escape from Shiro Kuramata's Miss Branch. This art work is my answer.  The title is from "Every kinda people"  Robert Palmer. He covered Marvin Gay's "What's going on" and He sang this "Every kinda people" as Answer for  Marvin Gay.                              

アクリル封入は倉俣史朗のミス・ブランチとの対比から逃れられません。この作品は私の出した答えです。タイトルはロバート・パーマーがマーヴィン・ゲイの What's going on のアンサーソングから。 

Oled Tampopo

Each anyone has their own rhythm.  when they gather some,Harmony begins.

*Tampopo / Dandelion objet d'Art with Oled Lighting system

Tampopo Installation

Tampopo browin'

"Tampopo untitled "                                                                           *abnormlity, freak, unusual but 'a piece of Tokyo'

In rare cases it will encounter something like these strange piece every year are faced quite a few of dandelion. I have not been sealed into acrylic block until now. But little by little the number is increasing. Sequentially production as soon as it found from 2016s. *These dandelion are likely to appear due to Radioactive and too much heat.. I've been harvesting this unique dandelion with when it harvested.

Tampopo untitled 2016-

Tampopo untitled 2017-

Tampopo release

Cabinet to float

*a cabinet made of acrylic board encapsulated with dandelion with OLED lighting system

Tampopo 歪 / Distortion 2017-

Commission work

Dorian objet d'Art

* dorian objet d'Art  without bad smell. This object is made for an installation art named

Royal stinker.