Capturing a real dandelion,handpicked before it was swept away by the breeze.
material: acrylic, real dandelion


Syabon is Lighting equipment made of handblown glass and half-mirror with tiny LED light. It look like moment of the bubbles that was landing on the surface of the water. 

Made in Japan

OLED Tampopo

acrylic, real dandelion , with controlled oled lighting sytem


Hexa is sculpture to play with sun light, makes geometrical rainbow. 
acrylic or optical glass


Stool, made of 108 Hexa(s)

Prototype table Lamp with flexible oled panel                                                   

" Shinjuku & Shibuya"

*prototype table lamp with flexible OLED panel & mobile battery 

Zaku Zaku  

Zaku Zaku @harajuku design: Takao Inoue



BAKE @kawasaki design: Takao Inoue

Tampopo "to release"

Seed of dandelion weeds are captured as it floating.

Cabinet to float

with OLED lighting system


 *collabotation with C. huaiyan SLD

OLED glass chandelier 

OLED glass lamp

*collaboration with Takeshi Tsujino & Tomohiko Furuta

Tampopo Stool

OLED lighting system 

*Oled lighting system, creat as a technical support

(design: Jo Nagasaka, pr:Cii associates S.p.A.)


Installation of OLED prism lamp named "DEW"

Installation for Zaku Zaku @Harajuku Tokyo

*Detail of prism lighting system "DEW"

Installation art for Terrada @Shinagawa

OLED lighting system design for AMANA

Oled lighting system design for IMA CONCEPT STORE@BARNEYS NEW YORK -Yokohama- 

(stylist: Masato Kawai,furniture design: Mari Shimazaki)