To make a wish, the moment make us releasing....

To live this chaos world, we need something like art, photo ,cinema....

Seeing this little ones for a short time, I hope you can take a rest only a few of the time.




in a small pond 

a moment the syabon bubble has just touched the surface of small pond in a city


oled tampopo

Each anyone has their own rhythm.  

when they gather some,Harmony begins.

to play with the sun                                                  

I want to know the sun light why it is so attractive.


to know the sun light more...

to play with the sun light more.


*proposal of table top small lighting using Organic LED panels.

installation of Zaku Zaku@harajuku

Zaku Zaku @harajuku design: Takao Inoue


Tampopo "to release"

every seeds has a direction their want to go.

Cabinet to float

a space of this art work creating makes you releasing. 


no bad smell Durian

*collabotation with C. huaiyan SLD

 every kinda people

every people looks like they lost their identity in this chaotic world, but no problem it is natural. korede iinoda.

a lamp of


endless grassland of dandelions in its inside.

One of Installations

Installation for Zaku Zaku @Harajuku Tokyo

*Detail of prism lighting system named "DEW"

Installation art for Terrada @Shinagawa