To make a wish, the moment make us releasing....

Beautiful and delicate, everyone will remember the childhood. 

To see this small art for a short time, I hope you can take a rest.




a moment the syabon bubble has just touched the surface of small pond.

  "syabon" shines faintly in the dark. 

oled tampopo

Every dandelion has their own rhythm.  

when it comes to group,Harmony is born.

to play with the sun                                                  

I want to know the sun light why it is so attractive.
this is a small art work to play with the sun. 


to know the sun light more...

to play with the sun light more.


table top art work. decorate the dinner and so on......

Zaku Zaku  

Zaku Zaku @harajuku design: Takao Inoue



BAKE @kawasaki design: Takao Inoue

Tampopo "to release"

every seeds has their own rhythm,

it is natural.

Cabinet to float

a space of this art work creating makes you releasing. 


 *collabotation with C. huaiyan SLD

 every kinda people

every people looks like they lost their identity in this chaotic world, but no problem it is natural. korede iinoda.

a lamp of


endless grassland of dandelions

some  Installations 

Installation for Zaku Zaku @Harajuku Tokyo

*Detail of prism lighting system "DEW"

Installation art for Terrada @Shinagawa

a light of kirei

Oled lighting system design for IMA CONCEPT STORE@BARNEYS NEW YORK -Yokohama- 

(stylist: Masato Kawai,furniture design: Mari Shimazaki)