The reasons for Tampopo

*My two teachers who are not real teachers



 In the capitalist society people are somewhere living with a feeling of blockage somewhere in pursuit of more profit, competition that has been overly surprising, complex social structure, and responsibility imposed excessively. There is no clear solution yet to alleviate the mental emptiness in this chaotic society.


In Syria, the airstrike continues, painful news that over 50,000 people are annoyed by an erroneous bomb attack and are dying and are reported with images in TV and newspaper. However, it is said that suicide people in Japan are more than 100,000 a year. I feel uncomfortable that there are so many suicide people without being reported in the shadow that we live everyday. 


I dreamed of shooting a movie at the age of 25 and went to Tokyo.

I kept running as a shooting assistant all the time, I gained experience 

even if I cut off sleeping hours and just ran. In such circumstances

I got the chance to participate in the work of Director Juzo Itami. 

Works that filled with human love, painted social satire with humor 

and sense, and plenty of his message included bubble bursting,

social problems sprung out, standing out even in the sense of blockage, 

being able to participate only by being able to participate I remember well. However, on the day before cranking in Haneda Airport I caused a contact accident with the bus, My car rolled over and lost all. I was suffering from a serious accident that part of my head would split.

I was taken to a hospital by ambulance and was told that I was

hospitalized but I promised my doctor to take a rest and managed to rest and I managed to take a hospital stay and participated in the next day's shoot. I did the job well without telling other staff about the accident, but from the first day shooting the scenes of a fancy car action, it was clogging up with intense photography on a camera car etc. While continuing to work while deceiving the flow of blood from scratches in the head. I managed to cling to the shooting site desperately desperately. It is a good funny story now.


 After that, the movie “Woman in Witness Protection" cranked up and 

got a considerable reputation. Mr. Itami's sudden death message has arrived as I wish to be able to participate in the next Itami’s work while daily taking various shots. There are various theories of cause of death. I felt that big ones broke down in me and that the Japanese movie had ended. It is this time that something unfamiliar with me was born. Mr. Taro Yamamoto who was an actor at the time is playing an important role in this movie. Every time I see his parliamentary speech, my memories of this time vividly cross my head.


There is a movie "Tampopo" in Itami's work. Tampopo is dandelion’s japanese name. Dandelion is just a weed that is everywhere, and it will entertain people in the spring. The movie "Tampopo" is attractive, even if it is full of vitality, works depicting various human beings that are erotic, fashionable and humorous over their vitality and humorous existence. After Mr. Itami's death, at such time I came across a Kuramata work when I was trying to make something with sorrowfulness. Although he was already dead, as I found out the space which still remained with Kuramata Map which was in the magazine Domus, I found various messages of Mr. Kuramata, I was impressed and drawn . I think it was a work like a treasure hunt in Tokyo's crowd.


At such time, luckily I got acquainted with the people involved in the Kuramata work and got an exchange work "Tampopo" born. Originally photographer I was supposed to make such a work is nothing but a variety of faces. I hope my artwork will find a gap in this chaotic society strongly, it will become a clue for a slight rest and problem solving.



Takao Inoue




 資本主義社会では、個人の消費が縮小化していく中でも利潤を追求し自ずと生き過ぎた競争が生まれます。複雑な社会構造、過剰に押し付けられる責任に 人々はどこか閉塞感を持って暮らしています。カオティックな社会のなかでこの精神的な空虚感を和らげるための明確な解決策はまだありません。




私は20年前の1996年に 映画を撮影することを夢見て上京しました。撮影助手としてひたすら走り続け、睡眠時間を削ってでも経験を積み、ただただ走りました。そんななかで伊丹十三監督の作品『マルタイの女』に参加する機会をいただきました。人間愛にあふれ、社会風刺をユーモアとそのセンスで描き、メッセー ジがふんだんに盛り込まれた作品はバブルがはじけ、社会問題が噴出し閉塞感のなかでも際立っていて、その新作に参加できるだけで有頂天になったことをよく覚えています。 しかし、クランクインする前日に羽田空港内で私はバスとの接触事故を起こしてしまいます。私の車は横転し全損、 頭部の傷口からもかなりの出血しちょっとした事故でした。救急車で病院に運ばれ、入院と言われましたが、先生に懇願し安静にすることを約束してなんとか入院をまのがれ、翌日の撮影に参加しました。他のスタッフには事故のことは告げずうまく仕事をこなしていたのですが、初日から派手なカーアクションのシーンの撮影で、カメラカーなどに乗っての激しい撮影で 固まりかけていた頭部の傷から血が流れるのをごまかしながらも仕事を続けなんとか必死に撮影現場にしがみつきました。今では良い思い出話です。





そんな中 運良く倉俣作品に関わった工場や職人らと知り合い交流重ね作品”Tampopo”が生まれました。もともとカメラマンの私がこのような作品を作ることになったのはこの師に有らざる2人の師への尊敬の念や様々な縁があったに他なりません。私の作品が、こんなカオティックな社会の中でも強かに隙間を見つけ、わずかな休息や問題解決の糸口になれば幸いです。